Cibolo Creek Ranch is your chance to go back in time and explore the land at your own pace. From hunting and shooting sports to guided tours, birding, fishing and more, our Texas oasis lets you forget your busy schedule and reconnect with a pristine, natural environment.

Come and experience one of the top family resorts in Texas, or bring your partner for an unforgettable adventure. For more information on our classic ranch experiences or to book a tour or activity, give us a call anytime.

Shooting and Hunting

Cibolo Creek Ranch presents an entire range of shooting activities for all skill levels, including several exotic hunts and native big game hunts for species such as mule deer, elk, Carmen Mountain whitetail deer and aoudad. We also have superb bird hunt adventures for upland birds.

The Ranch also offers a 16-station sporting clay course, trap shooting and a rifle and pistol target range.

We rent firearms for all our shooting activities.

Whether you’re looking for competitive or recreational target practice, test your aim on our range with facilities equipped for all skill levels. For those new to the sport, clay shooting involves hitting fast-moving clay disc targets (clay pigeons) using a shotgun. Charges per person include guns and clays, while ammunition is charged separately, based on the quantity used.

Get your practice on our rifle and pistol target range, where you can practice with a variety of firearms. Charges per person on our range include use of handguns and rifles, while ammunition is charged separately.

Mountain Tours

Among our most popular attractions and activities are our guided tours, which provide a peek into ranch life. Join an experienced ranch hand to explore our 30,000 acres on an ATV or Humvee. Mountain vistas await, with stops at cultural and historical monuments such as Carrizal Springs, Native American rock art and abandoned rock houses and ruins. These 2½ –3 hour tours also showcase the region’s geology and ecosystem, including birds, wildlife and local flora. Tours begin at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Another option is our self guided walking tour, which takes you along our 1850s adobe forts and describes their historical, cultural and architectural features.

ATV guided tours are available for guests who want to see as much of our spectacular property as possible. You can choose from numerous trails, all accessible by ATV and each leading to a unique area of our vast ranch. Rentals are for 1½ hours, with a minimum age requirement of 16 and a driver’s license.