Cibolo Fort Accommodations

Retire into the peace and quiet found in the wide-open spaces of our secluded resort at Cibolo Creek Ranch. Our fort hacienda accommodations are suited to families or large groups and are pet-friendly. Our historic forts and haciendas feature splendid views and handsome guest rooms with original features and architecture.

The property has three fort locations to choose from: Cibolo Fort: Fort of the Buffalo, Cienega Fort: Fort of the Marsh, and Morita Fort: Fort of the Little Mulberry Tree. Each fort has its own charm and story to uncover. Cibolo Fort haciendas accommodate large groups, while Cienega Fort caters to groups and private parties of 25 or fewer. These forts blend modern amenities with ranch warmth. Morita Fort is truly a step back in time, offering a break from technology with an attractive one-bedroom cottage in a romantic setting.

Cibolo Creek Ranch is one of the most sought-after Texas family resorts. The ranch provides captivating activities and stunning nineteenth-century forts that transport you back to an earlier way of life. Come and see what makes us one of the top resorts in Texas!

Cibolo Fort: Fort Of The Bison

The Cibolo Fort sits in a lush landscape along an intermittent creek. The creek and surrounding terrain are actually inside a caldera – an ancient volcanic crater – created 32 million years ago. Fed by natural springs, this geography was favorable for agriculture in an otherwise rugged environment. The fort was built to protect pioneer Milton Faver’s spring-fed farmlands from raids by Apaches, Comanches and bandits.

The skillfully restored Cibolo Fort is our largest structure with adjoining haciendas accommodating bookings in 25 guest rooms. The rooms are only steps from the ranch’s complimentary amenities, including the pool and hot tub, multimedia room and more.

Cienega Fort: Fort at the Marsh

The second fort constructed on Milton Faver’s ranch, Cienega Fort originally served as headquarters for his sizable livestock operations and was the starting point for his cattle drives to Indian reservations and railheads.

Cienega Fort is a self-contained complex, accommodating private bookings of up to 25 guests in the fort and the adjoining hacienda’s 10 guest rooms. Rooms are often available for group bookings and are suitable for private gatherings. About a 30-minute drive across the ranch from Cibolo, Cienega Fort delivers all the modern amenities, plus a private swimming pool, hot tub, hammocks, multimedia room, professional kitchen and large dining room.

Morita Fort: Fort at the Little Mulberry Tree

The smallest of pioneer Milton Faver’s three forts, this location was the hub of his sheep and goat operations. The secluded Morita Fort is 45 minutes across the ranch from Cibolo.

At the request of the Texas State Historical Society, Morita Fort remains less than fully restored. The fort has no roof and guests stay in an adjoining nineteenth-century cottage.

With only a generator for electricity, you’ll find yourself settling into a peaceful rhythm. Enjoy evenings by gas lamps, with air conditioning supplied by the cool breezes. Stay warm on cool nights with a gas-log stove. Drive to Cibolo Fort to take your daily meals, or go daily to pick up all your meals for a completely private experience.