Activities at Cibolo Creek Ranch

We encourage you to shake off the demands of daily life and embrace a simpler, more serene way of living by enjoying all of the activities and wildlife Cibolo Creek Ranch has to offer. When you arrive at The Ranch, we’ll give you a brief tour and tell you about all activities and wildlife, along with the amenities, included in your stay. It’s then up to you to decide how to spend your time: Relax by the pool, finish that great book you started, or arrange for some outdoor fun! Book your West Texas resort retreat today for an authentic Texas-style ranch experience!

Due to the remoteness of the resort and the popularity of our activities, a 24 hour notice is required to secure activities. Activities are fully prepaid and not refundable at time of reservation in order to receive written confirmation. Thank you!

For more information contact us at: (432) 229-3737

Mountain Tours

Join an experienced ranch hand on one of our All Terrain Vehicles and take in breathtaking views of mountain elevations up to 6,000 feet above sea level. Expect sightings of ranch animals as well as native wildlife. Stop at cultural and historical monuments like Carrizal Springs, See Native American rock art and abandoned rock houses and ruins which were once part of Shafter Ghost Town.

ATV Tours

Cibolo Creek Ranch has numerous trails, all accessible by a Ranch All Terrain Vehicle and each leads to unique areas. Apart from the rugged terrain with spectacular views, be prepared to see birds and wildlife. Minimum age requirement of 16 and a driver’s license. One person per ATV or Viking. Min 2 people. Max 6 people. VA hours

Skeet Shooting

Enjoy hitting fast-moving clay disc targets (clay pigeons) launched from the High House using a shotgun. Learn how to position your body, mount the gun to the correct hold point, and lead a moving target. Guns and clays provided. Ammunition charged.separately based on caliber used. Min 2 people. Max 8 people. 1 hour.

Horseback Riding

Saddle uo and view Cibolo Creek Ranch, it’s a uniqu; whether it is your first time on a horse or you are an eperienced equestrian.  It’s an experience the whole family can enjoy!

Take in our magnificent mountain vistas, discover our springs and trails. Due to the terrain, we do not allow horses to run or canter. We require shoes or boots with a one-inch heel and ask that you do not wear
tennis shoes or sandals. Children must be 8  years or older and accompanied by an adult, Riding time approx. 1-1.5 hours. Minimum 2 riders. Maximum 8 riders


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Cibolo Creek Ranch is an ideal birding destination! Your most difficult choice will be picking the time of year to see the species you are most interested in: migratory birds in Fall or Spring, wintering birds around the holidays, or breeding birds from late May to early August. If breeding birds are your target, we recommend booking a stay at Cienega or Morita forts… the cottonwoods and fruit trees bring the birds to you!

Long Range Shooting

At Cibolo not only are you provided with the ultimate outdoor experience you have a unique opportunity to shoot at our long gun range. We have partnered with GunWerks to bring you an amazing experience because with a GunWerk’s rifle it is all about the perfect shot. Visit GunWerks to learn more.

Bike Guides & Bike Rentals in Big Bend

Angell Enterprises can take you on established, maintained mountain biking trails, old abandoned mining trails, maintained or primitive single and double track, or complete off-road rugged terrain. 

Off the Ranch Activities