Memorable West Texas Adventures

Hunters of all ages and skill sets love the Big Bend. The area surrounding our ranch in particular is home to a wide range of diverse wildlife, several of which provide exciting sport.
Our secure arms room offers an array of rifles, pistols and shotguns, including fine-quality Spanish side-by-sides, and plenty of ammunition. For the safety of all, please note that hunting activities are always conducted in remote areas of the property, well separated from other guests. Spouses and non-hunting companions may accompany hunters, but may also want to take advantage of the many other exciting ranch activities available on our property.

Prepare for a hunt with our experienced guides by selecting your excursion type:

Bird Hunts

A most remarkable hunting experience on the ranch is our pheasant and chukar shoots, available for eight or more hunters at a time. These take place at the base of a bluff from which the birds fly in a style similar to a European driven bird hunt. Hunters who participate are always thrilled by the shoot – and so are the spectators who watch. An open-air breakfast and full beverage service accompany the drive for this experience.

White tailed dove, blue quail and related quail species can be a difficult quarry that requires a good level of marksmanship and athletic ability, but if you are up for the challenge, we will gladly set up your trip!

Put and take bobwhite hunts are conducted on our native pastures and mountain terrain. We take pride in selecting birds from superior breeders and handling them in a fashion that assures a fulfilling hunting experience. Our guides and modified Humvees together with the scenic mountains, enhance the pleasure of the hunt. For those who prefer a stationary shooting experience, we also offer our boxed bird range.

*Please note that in order to support our bird population, we do not overhunt. Our staff will inform you of any census limitations prior to your excursion. 


  • Varying degrees of experience accepted
  • On- and off-ranch hunts available
  • Pastures and some mountain terrain
  • Early reservations recommended

Game Hunts

Rifle hunters can pursue mule deer, white-tailed deer, Carmen Mountain white-tailed deer, aoudad, elk, buffalo, javelinas, mountain lions, foxes, coyotes and more! Mountain lion hunting in particular requires some degree of horsemanship, but many other able-bodied hunters have also enjoyed time trekking through our rugged landscape on foot.

*For mountain lion and fox hunts, please provide us with considerable advance notice of your plans to hunt, so that we can make arrangements to bring in the trained hounds and inspect the property for indications of the quarry’s presence. 


  • Experienced hunters preferred
  • Variety of quarry and hunt styles offered
  • Rugged terrain
  • Early reservations required